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Tulku Tashi Eubar


Tulku Tashi Eubar was born in 2001; he has been recognized to be the reincarnation of Dungso Repa by Nyidrak Gyalsé Rinpoche.


Dungso Repa was a Tertön, his last reincarnation, before this one, he was also a Tertön known as Drodul Trinle Wangchuk, who was a teacher of Gyalwa Radring to whom he transmitted numerous initiations such as the Rinchen Terdzo.


Tulku at the age of 5, began his studies after having received the robes. He took the Vow of Genyen with Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche at the age of 8. The same year, he was accepted at the Mindrolling Monastery where he has been entrusted to Lama Gyurtchö, the Minling Dordzin, who will look after his education.


He was enthroned in the auspicious Lha Bab Düchen Day, 3 November of 2015 by Dzogchen Lingla Rinpoche, from Dzogchen Monastery in Kham, the original monastery and spiritual filiation of Dungso Repa past life. Also present in the enthronement ceremony was the Mindrolling Dorje Dzinpa, Lama Gyurtchö, Khenpo Wangyal from Dzogchen Gompa and a representation of the Portuguese Sangha of Guhya Mantrika Community leaded by Lama Gyurme. Many local Lamas, Ngakpas, family, friends and local population also attended the ceremony.

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