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Ngedon Monastery is committed to take complete care of the needs of the monks living and studying here. We are making every effort to maintain the highest standard of monastic and educational training according to the teaching of our founder, Buddha Shakyamuni. To achieve this, and to fulfill our commitment, we need your help in this Sponsorship Program.

Giving generously to a worthy cause like this, with a good heart and pure motivation does not only help the monks, but also gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the survival of the religious and cultural tradition of Tibet.

Your sponsorship is a commitment to take care of the living cost of a monk for an extended period of time. It will enable a monk to live and study at Ngedon Monastery for the rest of his live, if he chooses to. At the same time you support the continued study and practice of the teachings of the Buddha.


It takes only € 50 per month,  (€ 600 per year) to provide a monk with all necessities of daily life - food, clothing, medical care. If a full sponsorship is not within your budget, you can also partially sponsor a monk for € 25 per month (€ 300 per year) or with any other amount within your reach.


Modality                          Monthly          Yearly 
                                  € 50                € 600
Partial (food)                     € 25                € 300
Complementary                € 10                € 120

Health Care                                               € 50

General Donation                 Free amount       

Your contribution helps the monastery to take care of all monks equally, and is not directed at a particular child. In this way the benefits of your generosity will continue for as long as the monastery exists, and you are helping the whole community of monks, a whole new family. Ngedon does not support the sponsorship of an individual monk - all residents of the monastery should benefit from your generosity. 

The donations are given to the Lama responsible for the monastery and used for the basic needs of all monks.

The young monks are informed about the source of the support they receive, but no particular mention is made of a sponsor. Although there is no personal connection between sponsor and monk, the latter receives news and photographs of the daily activities taking place in the monastery.

Sponsorship Program Application Form

Thank you! May all beings benefit.

Bank Transfer

Account: 6-5120507.000.001

Bank: BPI


NIB: 0010 0000 51205070001 29

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 5120 5070 0012 9

Reference: Ngedon Monastery Sponsorship Program




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